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Nomad X-Ray

Introducing the Nomad! Meadowland's new, portable, hand-held x-ray unit. This device, paired with a digital sensor, now allows us to take full intraoral digital dental x-rays! 

Our goal here at Meadowland's is to provide your pets the same quality care that you would receive at a human dentist or hospital. We are now able to do that with the ability to take digital dental x-rays. Now during your pet's annual dental cleaning they will also be receiving a full set of dental x-rays. This allows us to find serious potential problems with your pet's teeth that could be occurring at a level invisible to the naked eye such as tooth root abscesses, retained roots, and bone recession. If we find a problem, then we can address it before it becomes potentially painful for your pet. 

In addition to annual dental cleanings we also offer a wide range of oral surgical procedures and endodontics such as extractions, root canals, silver fillings and crowns.  The Nomad will be an invaluable resource to aid us in performing these delicate procedures. 

Not only will the Nomad make taking dental x-rays easier, it also allows us to take x-rays in our exam rooms, in surgery and even in your home! It is fully portable and by being able to move it freely around your pet, we can greatly decrease your pet's stress level while shooting x-rays. No longer will your pet have to lie still on a table, instead they can stand and relax while we take an x-ray of their knee. 

We are very excited about this new addition to Meadowland's ever growing inventory of technology to provide your pets with the most advanced veterinary care options.

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