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The Jake Fund

The Jake Fund was established by Bob and Marlene Keyes in memory of their beloved "Jake" to help owners who may not be able to afford necessary emergency medical care for their pet due to financial strain. This program requires the owner to make budgeted monthly payments to pay back the loan. The payments are then redeposited back into the Jake Fund to be used over and over again. The Jake Fund is responsible for saving hundreds of animals that may have been euthanized due entirely to finances. This Fund is offered exclusively through Meadowlands Veterinary Center.

Availability is limited due to the amount in the fund at the time of services.

All money from the Jake Fund is used 100% for medical care for your pets. Any advertising flyers, brochures, mailings etc. are paid by Meadowlands.

Donations to the Jake Fund are greatly appreciated and can be made at Meadowlands or mailed in. Checks can be made payable to "The Jake Fund". Your generosity will help save many pets lives!

A client of ours made a website in memory of his beloved dachshund "Gabby" to look back at her special life. Throughout the site he mentions how he came across our practice (since he lives in another state) and all his wonderful experiences he has had with us. One of his goals of the website is to raise money for the Jake Fund and hopes to help establish similar funds nationwide.

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